Sumner County Jail Ministry

Sumner County Jail Ministry is an outreach ministry focusing on spreading the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ to the jail population consisting of Christians who failed in temptation, unsaved people, and long term back sliders. These people get exposed to the power of God by our preaching, singing and calling the name of the Lord in prayer. We are motivated by Jesus' love to build Christ like characters in them . 

Our visitation for church services are twice every month for one hour, time used by our team in a responsible way. In accordance with prison regulations, men are ministering in men's pods and the ladies in women's pods. Our team consists of sisters:  Anna Turc- ladies coordinator, Raveca Ghita, Monica Handolescu, Mihaela Lapuste, Doina Samoila, and Rodica Tipei. Brothers: Beniamin Lapuste, Florin Matei, Ovidiu Pomohaci, Andrei Sarbu, Alex Socaciu, Cristian Sandu, Raymond Tipei, and Radu Bortis- Group leader.

Our ministry also includes a variety of community services like librarians for jail, post discharge service providing counseling and transportation for former inmates, babysitting for inmates' children, etc. If you are interested in participation in any of the services please call Radu Bortis (615)428-3909.

  Top Row: Radu Bortis, Florin Matei, Cristian Sandu, Beniamin Lapuste, Ovidiu Pomohaci, Raymond Tipei

     Bottom Row: Mihaela Lapuste, Doina Samoila, Raveca Ghita, Rodica Tipei, Monica Handolescu

Bethel Romanian Church of God 585 Harris Lane, Gallatin, TN 37066 Office: (615) 562-2894 Pastor: (615) 681-6532