Music Department

At Bethel Romanian Church of God, we practice and encourage a relatively wide variety of music for worship and ministry to our Lord and King Jesus Christ. From hymns, to gospel songs, to choruses, to children’s songs and to contemporary creations, accompanied by piano, keyboard, string and percussion instruments, all of these find a place in our church fellowship. By using a variety of styles, we try to address various expressions of dissatisfation with music, which are often fostered by generational, geographic and cultural factors. In the same time, we strive to motivate all the members in the body of Christ to have an active part in worship, praising God with their voices, with their instruments and especially with their hearts.

One of our major objectives throughout the years has been to not only focus on creating music for the present time, but to raise and nurture a new generation of skilled musicians, teaching them to understand their Levitical role within the body of Christ. We thank God for diverse and uniquely talented musicians who manifest an open, but sensible passion for music, through the ministry of the choir, orchestra, and leading the congregation in worship.

Currently, the conductors for the choir and orchestra are Becky Pal and Andrea Bangean, but in the not too distant future, we hope that a few other young musicians, like Sarah Zlibut, Florin Matei Jr. and others will join the leaders’ team. The conductor for the men’s choir is Vasile Bangean. We are thankful for the sound technical team, led by Marius Samoila. It would be rather hard to make any music without their significant assistance. We also thank God for Paul Mesaros, who had a major contribution to the music department throughout the years, providing an example to the younger singers, to be vessels “for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master, prepared for every good work.”

We warmly invite you to come to Bethel and worship God with us. “Come, let us sing to the Lord!” (Ps. 95:1).

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